6 Easy Ways to Save on Energy Bills

by Energy Meister

in Energy Efficiency

  1. Switching from regular lights to high efficiency fluorescent lights can save 50% or more on your lighting costs.
  2. Unplug all electronics or turn off their power strip when not in use.  This tip can save you big money.
  3. Adjust your comfort setting by 5 degrees and save 20% or more on your A/C and 10% or more on heating.
  4. Buy energy efficient appliances.  Energy Star rated appliances are more efficient.  Quite often, rebates are available.
  5. Buy a whole house fan.  Save up to 20% of summer cooling bills by installing a whole house fan.
  6. Your computer is costing you money! Turn it off when not in use!  Up to 9% of your utility bill could be in computer energy!

Get more tips and energy saving ideas at EnergySavers.gov


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