The Home Performance Process

Step 1

The Home Energy Audit

Your home will be evaluated for energy, comfort and health savings opportunities. From attic to basement, our certified advisors will inspect every aspect of the home.

Our Certified Professionals with the latest technological tools will identify areas where you can save money. We will identify issues related to insulation, air leaks, window efficiencies, air conditioning and furnaces, duct work, moisture issues, lighting and appliances. We then spend time analyzing all data in order to determine and prioritize your optimal savings.

Step 2

Review the HomeWealth™ Report

The results of the audit (including the science and targeted recommendations) are summarized in a comprehensive HomeWealth® Report. We don't bog you down with excessive fluff and information, but will revisit your home with a concise report to talk about specific findings that will make an immediate impact to your home, health, and bottom line.

Our approach is to maximize your home's efficiency while preserving your wealth. We look for the most optimal energy savings opportunities, while at the same time, minimizing your out of pocket capital expenses. Every report highlights the cost and the potential savings for our recommendations.

Currently, there are many incentives from your local utility providers, as well as various financing options and income tax incentives to help offset the cost of making improvements. Our finance team will help you understand what benefits exist and how you can take advantage of them.

Step 3

Making the HomeWealth™ Improvements

With the buying power and resources EnergyWise Solutions, Inc. has in place, we save our clients time and money by both completing comprehensive assessments and implementing the solutions. Combined, our principals have over 45 years experience building efficient homes and making sound environmental decisions. Your home is an investment. Your home needs to be comfortable. We ensure you and your home are HomeWealth wise!

Step 4

Enjoying the Savings and Comfort

Once the improvements are made, you are well under way to enjoying better comfort and savings from the energy efficient improvements you made. Your health, safety and comfort will be improved while your home has become more energy efficient and more durable.


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