Rebates & Incentives

On Energy Efficient Products & Services

When you spend your hard-earned dollars, you want to make sure you are getting full value for your money. We, at EnergyWise Solutions, Inc., want the same for you. And we have built our business model around the HomeWealth Approach; providing you with the least cost, most efficient return on your investment.

There are several programs in place to help you:

SMUD Savings and Rebates

You can earn rebates up to $4,000, depending upon the scope of work and level of energy savings achieved.

Energy Savings
Achieved *
REBATE **, ***
15% $500
20% $1,000
25% $1,500
30% $2,000
35% $2,500
40% $3,000
45% $3,500
50% $4,000

Go to the SMUD home performance program page for more information.

Energy Star Federal Tax Credits

You may be eligible for a credit of up to 30% of the cost on all qualifying products.

All Energy Star qualified products qualify for a tax credit.
Go to the Energy Star rebates & incentives page for more information.

PG & E Rebates

As a PG & E customer, you can save money and receive rebates on specific actions and appliance purchases. Just go to the PG & E Save Energy and Money website for specifics, forms and more information.







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