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The Whole House Audit

Your home will be tested and evaluated by one of our BPI Certified building analysts to identify opportunities to make your home safer, more comfortable, durable and energy efficient.  The analyst will conduct a comprehensive interior and exterior visual inspection.  Testing will be done to assess safety issues such as carbon monoxide exposure and poor indoor air quality.  Additional testing will be done to assess the home's thermal boundary, building shell leakage, air distribution, ventilation and heating/cooling system efficiencies.

We use principles founded in science, highly specialized equipment and a holistic approach to identify and quantify issues with your whole homes performance.  There isn’t any guessing.

All of the data, results and recommendations are put together into a HomeWealth™ Report that is unique for your home and your goals. 

The HomeWealth™ Report

Your home is probably the single biggest investment you will make.  Preserving its value and durability should be of the utmost importance for you, it is to us.
Once the Audit is finished we will confirm the goals that are most important for you and create a customized plan outlining how you along with EnergyWise Solutions, can achieve them; The HomeWealth™ Report.


  • Air Sealing:

    We use a blower door test to identify the locations of air leakage through the building shell and then the best measures to seal them.  This substantially reduces the loss of your conditioned air from leaving and the unconditioned and potentially unhealthy outside air from leaking in.

  • Duct Sealing:

    We use a Duct Blaster test to identify the locations of air leaking in and out of your ducts then seal them.  This substantially reduces the loss of conditioned air leaking into the outside as well as fixes any air flow and pressure issues that could be causing other problems with your comfort and safety.

  • Heating/Cooling:

    We assess the age, condition and efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment as well as the duct work.  EnergyWise Solutions will provide any maintenance or service if that is all that is needed.  If the systems need replacement we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the room sizes, locations, duct specifications and proper balancing to size new equipment properly.

  • Insulation:

    Using specialized tests and Thermal imaging cameras we assess your home's Thermal Boundary and replace or upgrade insulation as needed to save you money.  We also will install Air Barriers and other devices to assure the insulation is at its highest effectiveness.

  • Indoor Air Quality:

    Based on published standards we will add ventilation devices such as bath fans or heat recovery systems to assure your family's air is safe and clean.

  • Weatherization:

    We will address any location or construction material that is allowing air to leak in or out of your home, needs to be replaced or is simply not performing correctly.  Sealing cracks around windows, replacing broken roof tiles, replacing dry rot, adding weather stripping are a few examples.

  • Doors/Windows:

    We will assess the effectiveness of your existing doors and windows and fix or replace as needed.

  • Water Heating:

    We will assess the age, condition and efficiency of your existing water heating equipment and service or replace to save you money on energy.

  • Lighting/Appliance
    Inefficient lighting and appliances can comprise a large portion of your utility bills. EnergyWise Solutions will analyze lighting and appliances and recommend energy efficient solutions for you.

  • Solar Electric
    Solar can reduce up to 60% of your electric bills, with a federal tax credit of up to 30% you can save thousands on solar electric solutions.



Currently there are several opportunities for you to obtain rebates and tax credits for upgrading your home.  Dealing with all of the paperwork and the rebate facilitator can be confusing and take up a lot of your time and energy… Not when you have EnergyWise Solutions Inc. doing your improvements.  We provide all the support and assistance you will need in order to obtain your rebate or documents for your tax preparation.

If you are interested in obtaining financing for your improvements, there are several opportunities for you to evaluate. 
See our home performance incentives page



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